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Design Of Tool Geometry

We design the special tool according to the drawing to ensure time and cost savings. The important factors when designing the tool are geometry, carbide grade and coating.

When machining more complex parts, you often find out, that you cannot use a standard tool. Which immediately brings a question of using a special tool and its profitability. Special tools can be also used for complicated shapes. You can replace multiple standard tools by a single special tool. You will save time needed for the tool exchange and overall tool costs thanks to the use of a single special tool. 




Our specialists prepare the complete design and construction of the special tool. We keep a large volume of blanks in stock to ensure the fastest production time possible. We use the following materials for the production of special tools:

  • Carbide grades: P, M, K, S, N, H.
  • CBN
  • PCD.



Coatings play an important role in the tool lifetime, protecting the carbide against heat and chemicals that occur during the machining process. We use these coatings:

  • TiAlN
  • AlTiN
  • TiB2
  • Diamond
  • TiN
  • AlCrN.