Mini cutting system (MCS)

MCS is a modular boring system starting at minimum diameter Dmin = 0.7 mm with a maximum reach of 50 mm (depending on application). With the ground taper on the tool shank and the fixed stop in the sleeve the length remains accurately constant and guaranteed cutting edge repeatability is achieved.

Turning operation


Turning MCS tool for enlarging, faceing and basic shapes creating. Minimum diameter of the hole possible to machine with this type of tool starts at only 0,7 mm. Our customers appriciate the variabilitry of this tool. You dont need to purchase multiple rotation shank custom tools. Everything you can make with our MCS.

Copy turning operation

Copy turning MCS tool allows you to make various shapes in the hole diameter from 4.1 mm. We offer this tool in 20 degree and 45 degree version.

MCS-copy turning.jpg

Grooving operation


Threading operation