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The new brand Konrad Tools was established on the firm bases of our company TMC CR, s.r.o. Our experience with machining reach all the way back to 1995, that’s when we started to deliver machining tools in the EU market. We produce special tools for CZ and EU market since 2006. Konrad Tools come with a vision to produce and deliver our tools worldwide. We already have a sales network all over the world and gradually get our share in various markets. We provide technological consulting to our customers thanks to our experienced employees working more than 20 years in the field.

Our company was established in 1995 and immediately gained its position of a renowned supplier in Czech and Slovakian market. From the very beginning we have placed emphasis on the expertise of our employees, who closely cooperate with our customers when applying new technologies and solving technical issues in machining. Today we have had many satisfied customers who use our services in the long-term.

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Our Possibilities


In 2006 we started our own production of special tools, which are now produced on the latest hi-end fully automated CNC grinding machines. The machines are fully specked with robots for automatic parts exchange and operator free production. With this equipment we are ready for big batch and small serial production. We deliver to international companies (Schaeffler Group, Koyo Bearings, Mesa Parts, etc.) thanks to our highly accurate production process.

Konrad Tools

Konrad Tools comes in 2017 with the vision to become a worldwide renowned tool producer. We already get a lot of positive feedback from our customers all over the world thanks to our professional worldwide sales network. Mainly due to the ideal price / performance ratio of our tools. We plan to expand our product range in the future by adding more machining technologies to ensure that we can be a complex supplier and deliver our customers all machining tools they need.

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