Driven tools

Our driven tools are specifically designed for live tooling on lathes or multi-tasking machines. These accessories enable you to perform milling, drilling, and tapping operations while the workpiece is rotating, expanding the capabilities of your machine and maximizing productivity.

On request, we can provide axially and radially driven tools.  

When you want order some driven tool, please specified this requirements:


1) Type of machine 

2) Size of VDI or BMT

3) Size of tool adaptor (ER, RD0, Weldon, etc..)

4) Coupling type (Duplomatic, Barrufaldi, Sauter, INDEX, etc..)

5) Tool direction - (left x right)

6) Information about internal cooling

7) Gear ratio  - standart is x=1:1

8) Some special information about driven tool?