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Technical Support

We have gathered our experience in the field of machining for over 20 years. This made our company able to provide a professional technical consulting. Our aim is to not only sell tools, but also provide our customers an added value in the form of valuable advice regarding machining technology. We have always put emphasis on the professionalism of our employees, who have completed numerous trainings in multiple European countries (Switzerland, Germany, Austria,...).

Choosing the right tools and corresponding optimized technologies should be the goal of everyone, who is dealing with machining. The results of optimized production are time and financial savings. Mostly we solve these issues when implementing new technologies or when starting a new production. Our team of specialists is ready to kindly assist you in situations like these.


You have to consider many aspects when implementing new technologies and choosing the correct tools for various operations. The goal is to shorten production time and prolong the tool lifetime. These parameters are influenced by carbide composition, grain roughness, coating form and method, tool geometry, cutting conditions, clamping method of tool and workpiece, etc. Our employees are perfectly trained to help you with all the above mentioned factors and suggest the best technology for you.

Special Tools

You will appreciate our capabilities when designing a special tool. We design the tool from sketch, so we are able to modify it, should the tool not work absolutely flawlessly. You can find more information about our special tools here.